Through this function it is possible for you to manage the site advanced settings, relating to security, pages and payments management. Moreover it will be possible to enter the text visualized for the object [COPYRIGHT], disable the banner advertising in site skin, indicate the main administrator of the site, and set the default language for the user who will access the site and the portal time zone. In order to access to such a management area, when logged in as an administrator, select the option “Site settings” in the menu or click the icon . Click Advanced Settings.

Security Setting
This setting allows disable/enable the users' registration.

Disable User Registration.
When this setting is selected, the Register link will not be visible, thereby to set this setting select ‘None’ in User Registration.
The Registration link in the header of the site page will now be removed disabling online sign up to the ‘Registered User’ role.

Enable Private User Registration
By selecting this option the visitors who subscribe to the site do not gain access to the ‘Registered User’ security role until the portal Administrator authorises the user by accepting this registration. The Site Administrator receives email notification of each new registration upon sign up.

In order to select this option: Security Settings at User Registration, select Private.

Enable Public User Registration
With this option the visitors who register themselves to the site will gain immediate access to the ‘Registered User’ Role. This kind of access does not require users to have a valid email address

In order to select this option at User Registration, select Public.

Enable Verified User Registration
With this option the visitors can register as a ‘Registered User’ on the portal, but he or she will not gain access to the ‘Registered User’ role until their email address is ‘verified’. To verify their email address, the user must enter a verification code the first time they log in to the portal. The verification code is emailed to the new user upon registration.
In order to select this options at User Registration select Verified.