This tool permits to enter the visualized text for the object [COPYRIGHT], disabled the banner advertising in site skin, indicate the main administrator of the site, set the default language for the user who will access the site and the portal time zone. In order to access such a management area, when logged in as an administrator, select the option “Site Settings” in the menu or click the icon . Click Advanced Settings and Other settings.


This tool permits to edit the text displayed for the skin object [COPYRIGHT].
The default skin includes a copyright notification at the foot of each page.

In order to edit the text in the Copyright field, enter a new copyright notice or the text to be displayed in the footer and click Update.

It is not however possible to change the wording DotNetNuke® is copyright 2002-2005 by Perpetual Motion Interactive Systems Inc."

Banner Advertising
This field permits to disable the banner Advertising in site skin.

In order to proceed in the field Banner Advertising, select None and click Update.

Permit to set the primary Administrator for the site, who receives emails from the Feedback module by default. To add a new Administrator, you need to create a new User Account and then to assign him the Administrator role.

In order to enter a new administrator who will receive the feedback in Administrator, select the user and Click Update.

Default Language
The site Default Language sets the language to use if a regional language is unavailable: Aruba Nuke is available in Italian, English, Spanish and German.

In Default Language , select the desired language and click Update.

Portal TimeZone
This tool allows the automatic adjustment of all time related information.
In the Portal TimeZone field, select the TimeZone the portal is hosted in and click Update.