Aruba Nuke has two standard available roles: Administrator and Registered User.

Administrator: This role allows full access to the portal management for adding, deleting and editing all the pages and modules.  

Registered User: This role allows the registered users of the portal to access the pages and/or the modules.

The administrator can choose between several registration possibilities for the user, by clicking the “Site Settings” option in the menu or the icon . Click Advanced Settings and Security Settings:


By clicking on None the registration link will not be visible.

By selecting Private the visitors who subscribe themselves to the site will not gain the Registered User role until the administrator will not accept such a subscription authorizing the user. The administrator will receive at any new subscription a notification by email.

By selecting Public the visitors who subscribe themselves to the site will gain immediate access to the Registered User role. This type of access will not require the users to have a valid email address.

By clicking on Verified the visitors can register themselves as ‘Registered User” on the portal, but they will not have access to the ‘Registered User” role until their email address will be not ‘verified’. In order to verify his email address, the user will have to enter a verification code when you make the login to the portal for the first time. The verification code will be sent to the email address entered when you register to the service.

Moreover 2 further roles are available among the pages settings, but these are not in the security settings: All Users and Unauthenticated Users.

In order to indicate the individuals who can see and/or edit the pages, you will need to access as an administrator and click the Pages button.
Then select the page where the permissions must be set and click the  button to visualize the settings. The following screen will appear:

All users: this role permits all users to see and/or modify the page, without you having the obligation to login or register yourself.

Unauthenticated Users: this role allows only users that are not logged in to see and/or modify certain pages.