Vendor Banner advertising is managed through the Vendors module in the Administrator Role.
In order to add a new banner you need, when logged in as an administrator, to click the Vendors button in the menu. Click on the letter of the alphabet that corresponds to the first letter of the Vendor’s company name. Click the Edit  button and select advertising Banner.
Click Add New Banner. The following details will be displayed:

In the Banner Name field, enter the text that you wish to be displayed as alternate text for the banner.
At Banner Type select Text.
In the Banner Group field (optional), enter a name of a banner group to add the new banner to (this allows banners to be grouped together).
In Text/Script enter the banner text.
In the URL field enter the page address that the users will be taken to when they click on the banner. If no URL is added, a page displaying the Vendors contact information will be displayed instead.
In the CPM/Cost field (optional), enter the cost per 1000 Impressions (i.e. for every 1000 clicks on the banner the Vendor is recharged this amount).
In Impressions, enter the number of impressions the banner is available for. An impression is made every time the banner is displayed. If set to Zero the banner will remain indefinitely.
Select the first and the last date the banner will be displayed.
At Criteria, select And if the banner has to expire after reaching its number of clicks and the expiration date, or Or if the banner has to expire after reaching its number of clicks or the expiration date.
Click Update.