In order to send a newsletter to one or more individual recipients you need, when logged in as an administrator, to click Newsletter in the menu. The following dialog box will be displayed:

This section allows you to add attachments to the message. If the file has been already uploaded, choose the name of the file selected from the drop down menu. If the file hasn't been uploaded to the Admin File Manager click Upload New File.
It is also possible to define the priority of the mail from the drop down list.

It is then possible to select from the 2 sending options:
TO: A message per user or email address – allows to personalize the mail for the users  registered entering at the beginning Dear First Name Last Name of the user.
BCC: An email sent to a hidden distribution list – the mail is sent so to hide the distribution list and cannot be personalized.

At Send Action, select Synchronous for no more than 100 mails. In this case the emails will be sent before the refresh of the page. While selecting asynchronous a separate sending process will start which allows you to send a message to a larger number of recipients.

At the end Click Send Email in order to send it.
A Successful or Not Successful message will be displayed after you click Send Email.

The Site Administrator will receive an email titled ‘Newsletter Confirmation’ containing the following details:
-OperationStart Time
-Number of Email Recipients
-Operation Completion Time


At Basic Settings, complete the following fields:
In Email List you can add other addresses manually.
In Subject enter a subject for the newsletter.
Then click Message. The following dialog box will be displayed:

Select either Basic Editor Text Box to send a plain text email or select Rich Editor Text Box to send an HTML email with formatting and images.
Then write the text of the mail by using the orders for the formatting.
By clicking Advanced Settings, the following dialog box will be displayed: