Such a command allows the management of the file uploaded on the portal. In order to access this management, when logged in as an administrator, click File Manager in the menu.
The following dialog box will be displayed:

Clicking on a folder name in the left hand side will display the files located in the directory on the right hand side of the module.
In order to view the whole structure of the directory, click the Maximize button beside the folder name.
In order to minimize a structure of the directory, click the Minimize button beside the folder name.
By default the file manager only displays 10 files in its interface. On the bottom right of the file manager is the option to modify the number of files displayed. By changing the value in this drop down list, the file manager can display up to 50 files per page. If there are more files in the current directory than can be displayed, the following options will appear:
Move First: Displays the first page of files 
Move Previous: Displays the previous page of files 
Move Next: Displays the next page of files 
Move Last: Displays the last page of files