In order to edit the module settings, when logged in as an administrator, mouse over the arrow beside the title of the module. 

Select Settings. Or click the icon  at the bottom of each module. Click Advanced settings. The following dialog box will be displayed:

In this page it will be possible for you to set the Start and the End date in which the module will be visible on the site, simply by clicking Calendar. After the end date the module will be visible only to the portal administrator.

By selecting Display Module On All Pages? a copy of the module will be located in all the pages. As it is a copy, all the changes introduced to the module settings will be viewed on all the pages and after it has been cancelled it will no longer be displayed in any pages.

At Header and Footer indicate the text you want to display at the top and at the bottom of the module. HTML formatting such as Headings, italic and bold can be used.

When the desired modifications have been introduced click Update.