You can edit the module skin, when logged in as an administrator, by moving the mouse over the arrows beside the title of the module. 

Select Settings. Or click the icon  at the bottom of each module. Click Page Settings. The following dialog box will be displayed:

Icon: This setting allows to display an icon beside the title of the Module. Select the file location, uploaded on File Manager, which you want to display as icon. If the files have not been already uploaded, click Upload New File.

Alignment: This setting allows to control the alignment of module content. By selecting between 3 options: Left, Center, Right.
Click Update.

Color: it allows to set the background color of a module. Enter a colour name or hex number (e.g. #00FF00). Click Update.

Border: This setting permits the Site Administrator to add a border to the module. This setting works best when no module container is applied to the module.
In order to set the border enter a number to indicate the width of the border in pixels.  E.g. 1 = 1 pixel width. Click Update.

Visibility: This setting permits to select how the content of the module will be displayed.

By selecting Minimized, only the module title, header and footer are displayed. The content can be displayed by clicking the Maximize (+) button:

By selecting Maximize the whole content of the module will be displayed, with the possibility to reduce the module by clicking the minimized (-)button:

By selecting None the whole module will be displayed, without the possibility to reduce it:

Click Update.

Display Container:the administrator can choose whether to display the module container or not.

Allow Print: This setting enables the printing of the module, therefore the visitors can print it. If the option is checked in the module the Print icon will be displayed:

Allow RSS Syndicate: This setting permits the Site Administrator to control the visibility of the XML icon  that is displayed in the bottom of the module. This default option is disabled. If it is enabled the module will be displayed like this:

Module Container: This setting permits the Administrator to change the default container applied to this module. In order to edit the container of the portal select from the drop down list the desired container and click Update.

Cache Time (secs): This setting permits to set the refresh time of the module. By entering a low number like 0 the module will be frequently updated.