The banners entered by the administrator in the vendors section can be displayed in the site through a Banner module.


In order to proceed with the insertion of the Banner module, when logged in as an administrator, you have to follow this procedure:
Click Add New Module and check the Banner module.


 Click Banner Options. The following dialog box will be displayed:


At Banner Type, select one of the following banner types from the drop down box, Banner, Micro Button, Button, Block, Skyscraper, Text, or Script.
If you check the
Banner Group (optional), this module will be useful only to display banners belonging to this group.
At Banner Count, enter a number to indicate the number of banners to be displayed in a rotating fashion.
At Orientation, select Vertical or Horizontal.

At Border Width (optional), enter a number to indicate a border width.

At Border Color (optional), enter a color for the border (name or Hex number such as #00FF00). 
At Row Height (optional), enter a number in pixels to set the height for each banner cell. At Row Width (optional), enter a number in pixels to set the width for each banner cell. Click Update.