In order to proceed with the insertion of the Documents module, when logged in as an administrator, you have to follow this procedure:
Click Add New Module and check the Documents module.


Click Add New Document. The following dialog box will be displayed:


At Title enter a title for the document.
Check File in order to make a whole document display, or upload on the portal.
Choose the name of the file to display or transfer it by clicking Upload new File.

At Track Number Of Times This Link Is Clicked (optional), check the check box if required. By checking this option the number of times this link is clicked on this screen will be displayed.

At Log The User, Date, And Time For Every Link Click (optional), Check the check box if required. By checking this option a Link Log will be added to this screen once the record has been updated.

At Open This Link In New Browser Window? (optional) if this option is left unchecked, the document will open in the same browser.

At Category (optional), enter a category for the document.
Click Update