In order to proceed with the insertion of the Events module, when logged in as an administrator, you have to follow this procedure:
Click Add New Module and select the Events module.


Click Add New Event. In order to add an external document click URL and the following dialog box will be displayed:


At Title, enter a title for the event.
In the Description field, enter a description of the event.
If you want to add an image to the event, select the name of the file or, if it is not already  present in File Managers, click Upload new File.
In the Alternate Text (required field when Image is set) field, enter the text that will appear  when the image is moused over by a visitor.
If you want to view the event after some time (e.g. an expiration which occurs every month) select how frequently the event must reoccur in the Occurs Every field.
At start and Expiry date enter the date through the calendar. The Expiry date and Time are optional elements.
Click Update.