In order to proceed with the insertion of the Survey module, when logged in as an administrator, you have to follow this procedure:
Add New Module and select the Survey module. The following dialog box will be displayed:

Click Add Survey. The following dialog box will be displayed:

In the Question field, enter a question. E.g. Where have you been on holiday?

At Type, select from the drop down box:
Single Selection if the user can select one of the three options provided.
Multiple Selection if the user can select more options.

In the View Order field (optional), enter a number to indicate the position of the question in the list of questions. E.g. 1=first question, 2=second question, etc.  Where no view order is entered questions will be ordered as entered.

In the New Option field, enter an option that the user can choose. E.g. Sea. Click Add  Options. Repeat the procedure for each option.

Click Add.

In order to enter another question click Add Survey again and fill in as previously described.