In order to proceed with the insertion of the Text/HTML module, when logged in as an administrators, you have to follow this procedure:
Add New Module and select the Text/HTML module. The following dialog box will be displayed:

In order to enter the HTML code click Edit Text. Select Basic Editor Text located above the window and select Text located below the window. Paste the HTML..
In the Search Summary field (optional), enter a summary to help the Search module
For a preview of the text Click Preview.

Click Update to save the modifications.

HTML can also be pasted:

  • Basic Text Box / Html
  • Basic Text Box / Raw
  • Advanced Text Editor / HTML

 Tip: If the HTML includes a table, the size and colour of the text may not appear the same as other text on the portal. To fix this, add a normal class into the opening tag of the table.

E.g. <table class=“normal”>