Change access password to the portal created with Aruba Nuke

Registered Users and the portal Administrator can use the User Account module to update their own details and change the access password. In order to proceed with the change you need to log in the site with your own codes. Change the required details.
To change the password enter the old password, enter the new one and confirm it in the appropriate spaces:

Click Add Password.

If the administrator has provided some services that the users can subscribe to, the users can do so at all times through the User Account module. In order to proceed with the subscription you must select, once you have authenticated yourself, “Membership Services” and click Subscribe beside the service you want to register.
Always through the User Account module the user can cancel his own subscription to one of the “
Membership Services”: you will simply need to , once you have logged in, click the Remove Subscription.

In order to save the modifications introduced to the other details click Update, at the bottom of the page.