Statistics Service: What are they and how do they work?

The statistics service allows you to constantly monitor the visits made to your website by users. The "SmarterStats" service, is based on the software of SmarterTools, and is available in various languages. The default language is Italian, but you can change it when you log in.

How does it work?
Unlike free programs, the Statistics service of Aruba reads the access logs directly from the server and encodes them into web pages, and can be viewed more easily online.

The server is read practically in real time, therefore, the provided statistics are updated at least every 24 hours.
The statistics can be viewed directly online from the Control Panel easily and quickly, thanks to a guide menu , which includes the following options: Files, Traffic, Paths etc…
The access logs will be stored for up to 90 days.
If you would like to have details relevant to a longer period, you can choose to save the reports on a regular basis, using the provided export function. In fact, the Control Panel of the application allows you to, besides print the reports, export them in several formats and/or send them by email to one or more email address.
Moreover, you can create additional ‘Users’ (that is login details which are different to the original ones), to whom you can provide total or restricted permissions, to read and download the statistics.

Possibility to receive and customize Reports
One of the special characteristics which distinguishes the Statistics service of Aruba from free programs is not only the possibility to receive Reports, but also to create Customized Reports. This way users can receive information on what interests them the most, and moreover create search filters, for a more detailed Report.

Guides included with the Service
The Statistics service also includes a guide inside in English, called Help, which can help you understand the information that is provided.
The guide is found in the control panel of the service: 

To view it click on Help, and then on “Help for this page”.

To see how the Statistics service works you can use the demo:

N.B. You are not required to enter any information to use the Statistics service, as the service is based on the log files that are generated by the server. 
There will be no counter displayed on your website nor is it possible to create pages which display the reports of the service.