Access to Statistics for domains registered with Windows & Linux Hosting

If you have purchased the Statistics service for a domain that is registered with Windows and Linux Hosting + E-Mail, once you have received a confirmation of the activation you can start viewing the statistics of the visits made to your website, at:

To view the logs of the visits made to pages published on Windows servers, go to:

whereas for those on Linux hosting you need to go to:


In both cases the following screen will be displayed:

Where you need to enter the following details:

Site ID: domain name without “www”
Username: domain login without

Password: the password relevant to the login of the domain

For domains with ‘double’ hosting, therefore, the results of the reports will essentially depend on
where the domain WWW is pointing to.

If for example, is set to Windows, the reports found in STATWIN will also display the traffic generated from WWW, or rather visits made by typing “”, as well as traffic coming from, while on STATLNX you will only find the traffic generated from (and vice versa).


For example, if the WWW of a domain points to Windows and the statistics refer to the Linux WWW, very few visits will be registered, viewing only the report relevant to Linux which at that time is not available online.