The Antivirus & Antispam is the additional service which can be added to the email accounts of domains registered with which allows you to protect them from infected or unwanted messages.



Once the service has been activated, the Clamav antivirus software will start working without needing to make any changes to the configuration, protecting your domain email accounts, both if you are using the Email Client or the Aruba Webmail to check your emails.

The Antivirus service checks both incoming and outgoing mail: when a virus is detected, the connection is interrupted by the server and the infected email is automatically deleted.

ATTENTION: the Antivirus system is updated on a daily basis with definitions of new viruses that are released and does not delete any correct emails.


The Antispam service, allows you to protect all the domain email accounts from unwanted messages, also known as “Spam”, by enabling a special filter.

All the incoming emails, are checked by the Antispam filter which makes numerous tests on the header, the subject and on the body of the message.

If the message is identified as Spam, you can then specify, from the Control Panel, which of these actions should be performed on the message

  • Customise the text of the subject of messages considered as SPAM;
  • Deliver the unwanted messages to the SPAM folder;
  • Automatically delete the messages identified as SPAM without delivering them (the rejected message will be sent back to the sender with a warning).

For more information on how to configure the filter see the relevant