The Antispam service is available in the Webmail for the; accounts, without any additional cost.

For the email accounts the Antispam service is optional and will only be available in the Webmail if purchased.

It can however be purchased at any time.

To enable and configure the service, once you have accessed, you need to open the Options menu and then the Antispam submenu.

You will then reach the control panel from which you can manage the main features of the filter.
Thanks to the buttons found at the top right of the page you can see and change the status of the service, by enabling/disabling it as you require.


If the Antispam Filter is disabled, the system will deliver all the received messages without checking them.



From this section it is also possible to configure various parameters:


From this Tab, you can choose how you wish to manage the messages that are identified as SPAM.

• By selecting: Customisation of SPAM message, you can customise the subject field of the messages that are identified as SPAM. These will be delivered to the Inbox, but will still be recognizable thanks to the customised subject.

• By selecting: Deliver to the SPAM folder, the
unwanted messages will be delivered to the SPAM folder. The messages which are in the SPAM folder for more than 30 days will be removed automatically.  

By selecting: Automatic rejection, the messages identified as SPAM will automatically be deleted by the  system and will not be delivered and sent back to the sender with a warning.


From this section you can create a White list, or rather enter a list of email addresses considered as reliable: emails received from the white list will be considered safe and will be delivered without being checked by the Antispam filter.

To add a list of reliable email addresses you need to:

Select one of the options found in the dropdown menu;

Enter the email address that you wish to mark as reliable 

You can use the “*” symbol to specify a group of reliable email addresses.

For example:
• by entering the string:
* in the address field, all messages received from the accounts of the domain: “” will be considered reliable;
• by entering the string:
*@* in the address field, all messages received from the subdomains of the indicated domain will be considered reliable.

Attention: If the Antispam filter is not enabled, the system will deliver all the messages without any filtering, distinction or notification.