It is possible to renew a Mysql database starting from 90 days before the expiry date.

Notices will be sent to your contact email address, 30 days before the expiry date, to remind you that if the service is not renewed it will be suspended and subsequently the database and the data it holds will be cancelled.

The renewal order of the service must be placed from the Additional Service area of the website the expiry date will be updated only once the required payment has been received.

If the renewal is not completed within the expiry date, the writing permissions will be removed from the database.

15 days after the expiry date, if the payment for  the renewal has still not been received, the reading permissions
will also be removed and therefore you will no longer be able to
recuperate a backup copy of the data on your local PC from the server, even if the data is kept on the server and will be made available if you renew the service successfully.

After a further 25 days, the database will be permanently cancelled and you will no longer be able to recuperate its  contents.

Therefore the MySql can be renewed up to 40 days after the expiry date.