The GigaMail service allows you to increase the capacity of your email accounts from 5GB up to a maximum of 25GB.
On each account, in fact, you can activate up to 5 GigaMails (each with 5GB storage space) reaching a maximum capacity of 25GB on each email account.

This way it is possible to receive large attachments or manage more messages than you would with a normal account with only 1GB storage space.

The service can be activated both on the 5 accounts included in the basic package, and on the accounts you create with the Unlimited Email service.

In fact, you can purchase as many GigaMails as you like and then, at a later date, by using the Mail Admin control panel found in the Aruba Webmail, choose which email account you wish to expand and how many GB to give each account.
You can assign more than one package of 5GB additional storage space to each account, up to a maximum of 5 packages on each account, for a total of 25GB of storage space.

You can disconnect the GigaMail service at any time and transfer it to another account of the same domain, or reduce the storage space: in this case you must be careful not to disable the GigaMail service on an email account which already holds over 1GB of mail, and not to set a quantity of space less than the quantity of space that is currently occupied in that account.