The Third levels can be requested through our website when registering, transferring or renewing the second level domain (, .com, .net, .biz, ...) to which they are related.

If you already have an active domain, you can add one or more Third level at any time though the Customer Area of the website.

During the order process you can indicate the name of the Third level which you wish to activate and choose the right service package (Windows Hosting, Linux Hosting, Redirect, DNS Management, etc..) and the various additional services (unlimited emails, Antivirus+ Antispam, Gigamail, MySQL, MS SQL, etc…).

The service chosen for the Third level does NOT necessarily have to be the same service chosen for the related domain.

When placing the order you can choose to manage the Third level with the same login and password of the domain or request a new account for each Third level that you order.

Any additional login and password that you request, can only be used for Third Levels.

For all the other procedures (access the Customer Area; purchase additional services, change type of service package and renew the service etc…), you must use the login and password of the second level domain.

ATTENTION! It is not possible to change the name of a Third level which is already active.

N.B. The expiration date of the Third level will be the same expiration date of the related domain.