Each Third level comes with a Control Panel, available at  http://admin.nameofthirdlevel.domainname.xxx which allows you to:

- Verify information on the services that are associated to the Third Level.

- Use a Tool to restore the permissions and Front Page extensions automatically for Third  Levels in Windows hosting.*

- Test the FTP service (only for domains with Windows, Linux or mixed hosting).

- Verify the PHP/ASP/ASP.NET/MDAC version (only for Third Levels with Windows or Linux or mixed hosting).

- Check the
Page Rank of your Third Level and submit it to Google and Acoona.

- Create the
Site Map for your Third Level.

- Manage the content of the website with the
File Manager for Third Levels with Windows hosting.

- Send a new support request
(Ticket)without further authentications.

- Open the control panels for your mail, gigamails, antispam etc. etc. without further authentications.

See the expiry date of the service

- Order additional services for the Third Level.

By going to admin.nameofthirdlevel.domainname.it you will also find the new Linux control panel (for third levels activated on Linux Hosting), which includes various tools:

- FileManager to publish, cancel or change the files in your web space;

- Tool for creating password protected areas

- Service Area to view the error logs, check and restore folder permissions, test the PHP mail function and the PHP and CGI scripts.

*Restoring the permissions and frontpage extensions takes on average one hour from the time of the request.
During this time and until this process has been completed, it is not possible to restore other permissions.

ATTENTION!!! All the tools found in the control panel are completely free!