The Backup service allows you to have a copy of the content of your web space. It can be requested as an additional service in connection to domains activated with Aruba with Hosting services (Windows Hosting, Linux Hosting and Windows and Linux Hosting).

The Backup copies will be generated automatically and put directly in the web space in the  specific 'Backup Giornaliero’ and ‘Backup Settimanale’ (daily backup and weekly backup) folders.

To download, save or simply view the content of these folders, simply access your web space via ftp using the login details of the domain.

The main advantage of the Backup service is that you can recuperate a copy of the publication saved in the special folders in case of errors during changes and updates of the web pages.

N.B. The Backup service will only be activated once the due payment has been processed and after the activation of the domain for which it was requested.

The Backup service has the same
period as the domain it is activated for, therefore its expiry date coincides with that of the domain: it can also be ordered during the subscription year of the website, but its expiry date will still coincide with that of the domain.
If the domain is registered or renewed for a period longer than a year, the Backup service must also be ordered and paid for the same length of time.

ATTENTION!! If the service is not renewed it will be suspended and, 20 days after the expiry date, it will be cancelled.

However we also remind you that, as per contract, in any case the Customer is obliged to make a backup copy of the entire content of the web space on a regular basis and store it on a different storage device.

We also specify that for the domains that have double Hosting (Windows and Linux Hosting), the Backup service will be activated for both spaces.

Details of the costs of the service are available on our price list.