In order to use the Backup service, after making the order, we must receive the requested payment. 

It is also necessary that the domain in relation to which such service is requested is registered with the competent Authority: the Backup will be activated only after the activation of the domain.

In the event that the Backup is requested for a domain that is already active it will be available within 24 hours following the registration of the payment.

To notify the activation of the additional service you will receive a confirmation email: from then on simply access via ftp to your web space in order to reach the two purposely-created folders ‘Backup Giornaliero’ and ‘Backup Settimanale’’ to save a copy of the website content.

IMPORTANT!! The details saved on any external database (MySql or MS Sql) will be IGNORED by the Backup therefore they cannot be recuperated from the Backup Giornaliero and Backup Settimanale folders.

However we remind you that, as per contract, the Customer is still obliged to make a backup copy periodically and independently of all the content of the web space to be stored in a different place