How does the BackUp service for Windows Hosting work?

The optional BackUp service makes a copy of the website content once a day or once a week.

Backup copies will be automatically generated and included in the web space in 2 relevant folders – Backup giornaliero (Daily Backup) – and – Backup settimanale (Weekly Backup) – which you will find, once the service has been activated, by accessing the space of the website via FTP.

Every day a copy of the website content will be saved in the ‘BackUp Giornaliero’ (daily backup) folder, overwriting the folder of the previous day:

The ‘BackUp Settimanale’ (weekly backup) allows you to have a copy of the website which is made once a week. On Sundays, for example, it is possible to see the backup made at 18:00 seven days before.

To download or view the content of these folders, simply access your web space via FTP using the domain login details.
To return to the root of your domain you can click on the symbolic folder named “..” which takes you to the – parent directory

However, as per contract, in any case the Customer is obliged to make a Backup copy of the entire content of the web space on a regular basis and store it on a different storage device.