What is the Email IMAP service and what advantages does it offer?

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is a protocol used for managing emails which processes messages directly on the remote server: the emails remain on the server and it is possible to download the headers, and then choose which messages to read and which to cancel, without needing to download the content.

By activating this additional service you can access all your mail from any computer with internet connection, both through email client (Outlook, Outlook Express, Mac Mail, etc…) and Webmail.

Some of the advantages of using IMAP:

- More users can use the same email account at the same time:
unlike the POP3 protocol, the IMAP protocol allows you to have more simultaneous connections to the same email account, with the possibility of checking the changes made by each user that logs in.


- Sharing of the message status: from each client or from our webmail you can keep track of each message and check if for example it has already been read, if it has received a reply etc…

- Possibility to search within the folders: with IMAP you can search the messages that meet certain criteria on the server without needing to download them all.

- IMAP is supported by various email clients: the IMAP protocol can be used to configure your email accounts on the more popular email programs like Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird.