Every domain is provided with 5 accounts each of 1GB of space (apart from the preset ‘postmaster’ one), 5 alias, 5 forwards, 5 vacation messages, 5 autoresponders and 5 mailing Lists.
The postmaster account is automatically activated with the domain activation and cannot be removed. The preset password for its use is the same password used for the access of the domain: this account is not included among those which can be created, therefore 6 accounts for every domain will result available.
If you need more 1GB accounts you can order the Unlimited emails
additional service at any time you like.
With the GigaMail
additional service you can increase the capacity of your email accounts from 1GB up to a maximum of 25GB.
On each account, in fact, you can activate up to 5 GigaMails (each with 5GB storage space) reaching a maximum capacity of 25GB on each email account.