Features of the Domain Email Accounts

Standard Email Accounts

Each Email Account that is activated on a domain name has a storage space of 1GB.
If you are using an Email Client to manage your emails, the maximum size of each message (both incoming and outgoing) can be of 80/85 MB.

Whereas, if you are using the WebMail service, each message (both incoming and outgoing) can have a maximum size of 5 MB.

If you wish to increase the storage space of your email accounts or you need to send and receive large emails, you can purchase the following additional services:
• GigaMail: allows you to expand the email accounts associated to the domain up to 25 GB. In this case, thanks to the configuration through Email Client, you can send considerably bigger messages.
• Business mail: allows you to manage your mail professionally, and thanks to the BAM feature you can send messages with big attachments, without taking up space on the outbox or on the email account of the recipient.