To create the domain email accounts, log in the MailManagement Control Panel as the postmaster, using the domain name and the relevant password (in the "Username" field leave in "postmaster") and then click on "New accounts".

A page with a form will open with 3 fields to be filled in:

  • Account: you need to enter the account name without (e.g. to create, enter only 'info')
  • Password: you need to enter the password selected for the email account (max 16 characters)
  • Name: (optional). Usually for the full name of the account but can also be left empty.

*ATTENTION: the name of the account must have at least 2 characters and a maximum of 32, therefore addresses like the following will not be valid:

We also remind you that, the "account name" should be just the name you wish to give to the account, without

For more information see the relevant the guide.