Everyone who has a domain registered with Aruba (with mail service) can use the SSL protocol to configure its email account.

For the right operation of the email account, during the Client E-mail setting, you have to insert the right parameter for the Incoming and the Outgoing mail.

Here are the parameters to set in the mail client:

Account name: accountname@domainname.xxx
Password: the one chosen when the account has been created
POP3: pop3s.aruba.it
: smtps.aruba.it

Besides you should even select:

• The server requires a secure connection SSL: this option must be selected among the Advanced Settings for the accounts configuration in the incoming server POP3. After selecting that option you should verify that the port used for the connection through POP3 is 995 and the one for the SMTP is 465.

 Necessary server authentication (for outgoing email): such configuration is on the 'Server' folder for the E-mails setting.*

*Necessary server authentication: this field is on the most used Clients, such as Outlook or Outlook Express, near the field to fill in with smtp parameter; on other clients may be called in a different way but however it is among the options of the section for the account setting.

N.B: For people who activated the additional service IMAP is possible to set up imaps.aruba.it, setting as port number 993.