The Mailing Lists can be created and configured through the Management section of the Control Panel, available in the Aruba Webmail, by logging in with the postmaster account of your domain.

To create a new
Mailing List
first of all you need to go to the Webmail Management menu.

Select the “Mailing List” option and then click on “Add” at the top of the page.

After filling in the form to create and configure the list and entering the required information, click on “Save” to confirm the operation.

There are two ways to create/manage the Aruba Mailing Lists:


1 – through the Management section of the Control Panel (indicated above)


2 - the second method is through the commands via e-mail

Differences between the two methods: from Management it is possible to create Mailing Lists and manage them on a basic level, whereas with the Commands via E-Mail method it is possible to manage every aspect of the list, except for the creation of such list.

Important: we recommend that you use the Management menu of the control panel to create the list and  to carry out basic management operations, whereas for all other operations use the simple  commands via e-mail.

- For each Mailing List you need to specify an administrator or manager of the list, or rather the e-mail address of the user who will have full control of the list and can subscribe/delete  users, edit the settings and delete the mailing list.

Each list can be
"moderated": the administrator becomes a moderator and all the messages  sent to the list must be approved by the moderator before they are displayed to all the other  users.


The administrator can also add new moderators.