How enclosing a file to an e-mail through Webmail – Basic Version

After login on your email account by, click on new message to set a new e-mail.

In the setting screen, you have to click on Attach File as you can see in the image reported below.

In the following screen you can enclose one or more files to the message (with multiple uploads of 3 files at a time at most).

In the First square you can select the file/s to attach the message with.

Once selected the files, clicking on Attach File(s) button the file/s selected will be enclosed in the message under creation and it will be visible in the Second square with name and size of each file, and total size enclosed, specified.

While clicking on Load File(s) button the file/s will be entered on the Third square which has only the function as archive; in this case the files will not be enclosed to the e-mail under creation, but will be stored inside the webmail to be enclosed later to the e-mail, or even to other e-mails.

In case you want to attach to an e-mail one of the already loaded files in the Third square, it will be necessary for you to click on the corresponding “Attachment” button to be entered in  the e-mail, while clicking on "Cancel" they will be finally removed.
Once made the upload of the desired files to the message, click on Go back to message button to proceed with the message sending.