The support service for the Dedicated Servers is active 24 hours a day, 7 a week.
You can request support in 2 ways:
By telephone: 0039-0575-0501
Opening a support ticket

Support includes the following services:
- Business advice to choose suitable products and services to meet your requirements.
- Complete hardware support, including the replacement of components or of the whole server.
- Connectivity support for accessibility or connection speed to Internet.
- Administrative support for hardware or band upgrade, services renewal, payments and invoicing.
The customer is responsible for the setting up and configuration of softwares not present at the moment of delivery, the set maintenance of the installed programs (patch, updatings etc.), the server security and the Backup. For this reason we advise all the customers to set a firewall software after the first access to the machine. It is however possible for you to send our staff cd-roms to be entered on the dedicated server.

Access to the Server Farm:
All the customers who purchase the Dedicated Server or the Housing Services have the right to a free access of no more than 24 hours to configure and set up their own server. Later you can request for further access, still of no more than 24 hours, and each one costing 50 euro (+VAT).