What happens in case of unsuccessful renewal of Dedicated Servers

In case of unsuccessful renewal of the service, the servers will be disconnected 5 days after  the expiry date and completely reset after a further 10 days.

If the server has been purchased and the service is not renewed, to collect the machine you must fill in and sign the collect server request form (attached to this article).

Should you fail to collect the server yourself, but send someone on your behalf, in the form you must indicate the name and surname of the person collecting on your behalf and the day he/she will go to the Webfarm.

The documents must be sent to the following fax number +39-0575-862300, attaching a copy of a photo ID card of the server owner or legal representative (in case of company).


  • The courier must be contacted directly by the customer;
  • All the documents must be received at least 48hrs before the date of collection of the  server or the component
  • The server or component (if not previously expired) will be disconnected 24 to 48hrs before the arrival of the courier;
If you fail to send all the required documents the server will not be delivered to the  courier or person sent on your behalf. 

Collect Server Request.pdf