The support service for the Housing servers is active 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

The support service is provided in 2 methods:
- by phone:
- through Trouble ticket: opened from the 
Aruba Support website

The Housing support service includes the following:

- Pre-sales advice: for choosing the products and services which suit your requirements;
- Restart or reset of the server;
- Connection support: for problems with connecting to the Internet or with the speed of the  connection;
Management support: for upgrades of the bandwidth, renewals of the services, payments and invoices.


In case of hardware failures you may request the repair of the servers from our staff: in this  case you will receive an estimate of the cost to replace the damaged parts.

We remind you that the installation and configuration of software on the machine, the maintenance of the installed programs (patch, up-dates etc.), the security of the server and the Backup, are at the customer’s expense. In light of this, we advise all our customers to install a firewall in the machine.

You can however send our staff any cd-rom that you may want to put in the server and send data on a storage device which may be connected/put in the server temporarily.

Access to the Server Farm:
All the customers
who purchase the Dedicated Server or Housing Service
will have a maximum of 24hrs of free access to configure and install their server.
Subsequently it will also be possible to request further access, still for a maximum of 24 hrs each time, for a cost of 50 Euro (+VAT) for each access.