The selected key words will determine the success of your website . The best way to choose the keywords is to put yourself in the position of the visitor and think about what words he might use to search for the website. However we must remember that it is very unlikely that a website that has just arrived can compete with other more famous websites on very generic key words such as "computer" or "travel". That is why you must not use keywords that are too generic, which cause very long result lists. Usually the surfers do not search on the engines by specifying individual key words (such as "software", "dentist" or "fishing") and this is an advantage. The user is usually more inclined to look for specific things. Therefore you can obtain a better positioning according to specific keywords relating to your website. If you want the website to appear in the first positions, you have to avoid the excessive repetition of the keywords(no more than 3 repetitions because some search engines penalize you for this).