All of the offers relative to the PhotoAlbum 2.0 of Aruba do NOT have any limitation in the functionality and they differ one from the other only in the presence or not of the Web Domain in connection with the offer, and therefore have the same service features.

You can choose from 3 different types of packages:

- PhotoAlbum 2.0 + Domain Registration + 5 email accounts: 15.49 Euro + VAT/year: This solution allows you to register a domain name of your choice (subject to availability) and activate the PhotoAlbum 2.0 service, as well as five 100Mb email accounts. The PhotoAlbum 2.0 can then be reached at this address

- PhotoAlbum 2.0 Additional Service to the Domain: 5.00 Euro + VAT/year: If you already have a domain registered with, you can purchase the PhotoAlbum 2.0 as an additional service. In this case the PhotoAlbum 2.0 can be reached at this address (3rdLevel).

This service will expire together with the domain for which it has been activated, regardless of the date of purchase.

- Basic PhotoAlbum 2.0 : 5.00 Euro + VAT/year: The basic offer allows you to purchase a PhotoAlbum 2.0 that can be reached at this address (4th Level where Photoalbumname 2.0 is the name chosen by the customer).

You are not required to activate a web space, nor register a domain name.

There is no difference in the use of the 3 versions of the PhotoAlbum 2.0.

We remind you that, none of the offers allow ftp access to the PhotoAlbum 2.0 space.