The visitors of the website can enter a comment for each published multimedia item (such as photos, images, videos, …). Placing the mouse pointer over one of the items, in fact, will show a section with the ‘Comments’ hypertext link. By clicking it you will be taken to a section with all the comments entered by various users that have visited the album.

From the management of his photoalbum the administrator of the PhotoAlbum 2.0, in order to give the possibility to enter comments on the images, shall have to tick the option “allow comments” in the section Header of the PhotoAlbum 2.0.

Further, from his management area, he can remove the various comments by entering the section Preview and selecting the image or the video for which you would like to delete the comment and finally clicking on the wastebasket icon near each comment given. 

About the video guides please see the Vademecum.