How to read the comparison table: some technical terms

Template: This term indicates those graphic pages with a specific structure, customised with the title of the Blog, in which the number and the names of the menu buttons will be  increased. The Blog will therefore look like this, but it will be customised with articles, contents, comments, images and movies entered by the customer.

Enter Modification of Post: Through the control panel of your Blog you can enter the articles  and the texts associated to the subjects that you are dealing with. They will be viewable by everyone and can be updated and changed at any time.

Comments to the Posts: The users that connect to the Blog will be able to leave their  comments on the published articles, indicate suggestions and express their opinions.
Upload the images and Movies: By entering the control panel of the Blog it is possible to Upload the movies, photos and images that will be published and made viewable to all the visitors.

Webmail: The Webmail is a useful web interface through which you can receive and send emails. Through the website you can log-in and use the email accounts created for your domain.

Gadget Elements: The Preferences section includes a series of optional elements that can be added to your Blog, as for example the clock, the counter, the blog search box, the  calendar and many more, all of which can be added simply by using the dragging method.

Publish via MMS: It is possible to publish images on your Blog simply by sending an MMS to this email address The image will be entered in the photo gallery found on the Control Panel and it can then be published by the administrator of the service at a later time. Further details are available at 'Load images by sending an MMS'.

PingBack: Function that allows you to receive comments from other Blog authors that wish to  respond to our post who in turn will publish an article in their Blog and send a ‘notice’ to  inform that elsewhere the post has been discussed and commented. If you decide to accept the trackback and the pingback from other Blog authors, at the bottom of your article you will find the links to the articles of other blogs that comment our post.