In order to send images from your mobile phone to the Blog, follow the steps listed below:

1) Associate your telephone number (or the one used to send the MMS to the Blog) to the 'Telephone' entry of your Profile, in the Control Panel of the Blog.

2) Write the message and enter the code *d*code*fd* in the subject, where code is a  numeric code assigned to the Blog available in your control panel, in the 'Guide' --> MMS Area section.

3) Once you have written the message and attached the image, enter the following email address: as the recipient.

The files received via MMS, will automatically be entered in the Multimedia Gallery of the  Blog, in the MMS folder, created by the system with the first message sent. Therefore the files will not be published directly, but they may be entered in a post at a later date.

Attention! Only the images sent via MMS may be loaded: any text found in the message will not be taken into consideration.
The service does not work by sending emails to the above email address.