If the activation of a service you ordered was not successful, the amount you paid for such service can be kept as a credit and used to purchase, renew a service or switch from one Aruba service to another.

To use the credit you need to:

- Place a new order online;

- Open a support Ticket from the Aruba Support website using the Login and Password of the owner referred to in the billing details;

 - Indicate the old and the new order number you wish to use the credit for in the ticket. 

If you are not able to follow the instructions above, you can in any case send a request to Aruba via:

- Fax on the number +39.0575.862000

- Support Ticket from the Aruba Support website

together with these documents:

  • Transfer Credit Form duly filled in and signed  
  • Front and back copy of a valid ID card of the person referred to in the Billing Details of the old order 

N.B. In the Transfer Credit Form you must indicate both the new order number and the old one.

The following information is valid for both the above cases.

If your new order is greater than your credit, you will need to make a payment for the difference via bank transfer, indicating the order number and writing “integrazione/additional payment” in the reason of payment.

the credit may be used within 12 months from the date of payment. If the amount is not used within this time, it shall be withheld by Aruba and the customer will not be entitled to a refund or use it in any way, as stated in the General Conditions of Contract which regulate the service.