Billing method of services

As of the 01.10.2012 the Aruba billing system starts using the monthly summary invoices.

Monthly summary invoice

The monthly summary invoice unifies all the operations that are carried out during the course of a month related to payments and service activations and/or renewals.


This unified system only replaces the classic billing method of Aruba services (Advance/Final) for orders that are:


-      placed by the same customer (same billing details)
placed during the same month
-      paid for using the same method of payment


If two payments are made during the same month, but using different payment methods (e.g. one with bank transfer and one with credit card), then two monthly summary invoices will be issued, one for each order.

N.B. If the activation and/or renewal of a service takes place in a different month to that of the payment, two separate invoices will be issued, one in advance (in the month we receive payment) and one final invoice (in the month of the activation/renewal of the service).

Once issued, the invoices will be sent via e-mail to the contact email address provided during the order process and published on the website, a protected area available by entering the VAT Number/National Identification Number and relevant Billing ID, within the first 15 days of the month following the payment month and/or month of service activation.

Should you not have the Billing ID, you can request it by clicking the 'Request ID' button.