Change Your Domain Contact Email Address

The Domain contact email address is found in the 3 types of data:

- Login Details (Aruba Registration)
- Registrant (owner) Details
- Billing Details

It can be changed either:

- online
- or by sending specific documentation

For .com, .org, .info, .biz, .net, Domains and new gTLD extensions, regardless of which process you follow, after changing the information of the Registrant you must confirm the contact details. For further details see the guide - How to confirm the details of the Registrant (owner) of a  Domain -.

Online process

It is possible to change the email address easily and quickly through the online process:

- Login Details
From section - Change Personal Details - of the site (For details see the relevant guide)

 - Domain Registrant Details
By following the steps indicated in the provided article.

 - Domain Billing Details
Only during the domain renewal process.

Process with Documentation

Alternatively to the online process, you can change your details by sending the required documentation.
In this case, the request must be sent by the person referred to in the details you are changing.

If the Domain Registrant, the person referred to in the Billing Details and the Owner of the Login are the same person, you can change all the contact email addresses with one single form; whereas if these are different people, the requests must be sent separately by each relevant person.
Required documentation
- Copy of photo ID of the person referred to in the details you are changing.
- Change
Contact Email Address Form
See available Sample copy with
relevant instructions on how to fill in the form.

Sending the documentation
All the required documentation can be sent either by:

- Opening a
Ticket, through which you can send a scanned copy of the documentation. 
- Fax on the number +39 0575/862110.

Fill in the Forms using CAPITAL LETTERS.
If the details entered are not clear, the request may be rejected.
Aruba reserves the right to request further documentation (Company Registration Certificate, Company Statute, Notary Certificate, etc...) in order to verify the identity of the persons involved.