Change of address - Changing the contact address of a Domain

The contact address of the Owner of a Domain can be changed online both if it is a private home address or a business address of Companies/Bodies/Associations.

To change the address, log into the - Customer Area - with your Login Details and select  - Edit Details - next to the Domain that you want to change.

Type in your new address in the provided spaces and click - Continue -

If the details of the owner do not correspond to the login details for the Domain an Authentication Code is required. You can find this code on the Control Panel of the Domain by entering the - Domain Utility - section with your login details.

If you are not able to change the address online, you can send a written request to Aruba by opening a support Ticket from the Aruba Support website indicating the correct address.

If you wish to change your home address only for your Login Details (or Aruba registration details), enter the – Edit your Details - Panel on Aruba Hosting with your Login details and type in the new address.