In order to change the Password of your login follow the procedure through the Change Password section of our site.
For further details please see our guide

For the new password to be accepted by the system:
• it must have a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 13 small alphanumeric characters;
• it must contain at least one number and one letter (e.g. te345s7t or 895sd69gh);
• it must not have been selected in the last 8 requests of change password (or change of login and password)

In addition, it will be necessary that:
• No domains currently being activated or activated in the last two days are linked to the login for which you ask the change.
• No other change of password must have been requested during the last 24 hours for the login in question.
The change of password linked to your login will involve the variation to all the associated services (domain control panel, ftp, domain email service, pec, support, domain additional services, dedicated and virtual servers, etc). It WILL NOT involve the ADSL or Free connection (whereas for new orders or renewals of these services you must use the new password).

If you need to change your login and password (for example if you change the ownership of a domain), simply follow the Change of Login and Password process.

For security reasons and to guarantee optimal data protection we suggest changing your password at least once every 3 months.

Changing the password related to your login will not affect the password related to the MySql and MS Sql database service. In order to modify the password of your  database (linked to the Sqlxxxx and/or MSSqlxxxx login), please follow the specific procedure.