By using the MySql Control Panel you can Backup and Restore the Database.

The new functions are available in the PhpMyAdmin control panel of your Database.

To access the Control Panel for the Management of the Database, go to the dedicated page and enter Username and Password.

Once you have selected the Backup Restore function, you can choose to perform either:

- A Restore of the daily Backups
- The Restore of an external File to the Database.

The Backup will concern the last 7 days and it will be performed by Aruba during the night; on the eighth day the ‘older’ Backup will be cancelled. The data of the Backups may be moved on the Database that you prefer. By using the Restore function you can load any .sql, .gz file in the Database.

IMPORTANT!!! We recommend that you make a precautionary Backup BEFORE any Restore operation.