Recover Password for Email Accounts

Here below are the instructions to recover the password both of the email accounts of Aruba domain names (; and of the email accounts of your own domain name ( and account password recovery



From the Email password recovery menu, found at:

By typing in the required details, you can receive the password of your email account at the contact email address you gave when making your registration. 



If, by following the above instructions you are not able to recover the password, or you receive an error message even if the information you provided is correct, you will need to contact the support staff as indicated in the form itself.   

NB. By using this form it is possible to recover the password for the accounts that were activated after December 2011.
To recover the password of the accounts registered before  December 2011 and of the accounts it is possible to open a ticket at, or send a fax on the number: +39 0575 862000 by attaching a copy of a valid photo ID of the account owner.

Recover Password of personal domain email accounts



You can manage the email accounts created on your personal domain name (e.g.: by logging in the Mail Admin Control Panel at with the login details of the Postmaster account.

Once you have logged in, you can select a new password for the domain email accounts.

  • Log in the Webmail with the Postmaster account details

• Go to Management, select the "Email Account Management" option and click on the "Edit" icon found next to the account you wish to change the password for:

• Enter and confirm the new password and click on "Save"

After this you will be able to access your email account with the new password.