What type of Records can be managed with the DNS Management Panel

By using the DNS Control Panel you can manage the settings relevant to the following types of  Records:
  • A Record: allows you to manage the list of the host names and the relevant IPv4 addresses (for example: to which they point to;
  • AAAA Record: allows you to manage the list of the host names and the relevant IPv6 addresses (for example 2001:0db8:85a3:08d3:1319:8a2e:0370:7344) to which they point to;
  • Mx Record: allows you to manage the list of Records with which you can, by using an appropriate syntax, specify which Servers should manage the mail of the domain with the “DNS Management with Mail” service (or rather of the @domainname.xxx accounts).
  • CName Record: allows you to manage the list of this type of host and relevant pointer, which will be in the form of text string. The host in CName will point to another name which, in turn, will correspond to an existing A, AAAA or CNAME Record.
For example, you can have:
HOSTCNAME.domainname.xxx pointing to: any.any.xxx,
where domainname.xxx is the domain for which you purchased the “DNS Management” service.
The CName records are known as “Alias” as they represent “alternative” names to  Records (A or AAAA or CNAME) which may or may not belong to the domain for which the DNS Management service was purchased.
  • TXT Record: allows you to manage the associations between arbitrary text fields entered by the user and SPF data (Sender Policy Framework) which, through a specific syntax, allows you to indicate which are the hosts authorised to send emails from the @domainname.xxx accounts.
N.B.: Aruba does not accept any responsibility for guaranteeing the accuracy of the data entered, therefore all that concerns the management of TXT Record, of SPF data and their enabling/certification is entirely the customer’s responsibility and no support will be provided in this regard; 
N.B. You can manage all types of Records, only if you have chosen to use the Name Servers of Aruba.
If you choose to use Name Servers other than those of Aruba (if you haven’t selected the option “Use Name Servers of Aruba” in the Name Server section), you will only be able to manage the settings of the Name Server Record, as the settings relevant to other Records must be set on the machines that you have chosen to use.