How to restore a backup copy of the configuration

After saving each modification made on the configuration of the zone, the system will automatically create a backup copy of the previous configuration.
The list of the saved configurations will be displayed in each page dedicated to the single type of Record, in the “HISTORY” section.

For each configuration you will see the date and time it was saved.
By clicking on each configuration you can see the content and if you wish restore it.
The configuration that will be loaded will not however be the entire configuration, but it shall only concern the specific Record indicated in the page you restore the backup from (for example, if you are on the page of the A Record and you choose to restore one of the existing configurations, you will only load the data relevant to the A Record).

N.B.: To confirm the configuration that you have chosen to restore, you must click on “Continue”, found at the bottom of the page, and then on “Save configuration”.