You can change the authoritative Name Servers of the domain, by selecting the relevant option in the  Name Server Record section found in the main page of the Control Panel:   



or in the Name Server Record page.

If you choose to switch, from the Name Servers of Aruba to other Name Servers, you must enter, in the fields found in the “Add NS Record” section, the host name and the relevant IP address of the authoritative Server that you wish to use (remember that you need at least two).

If you have a Dedicated Server, you must set two IP addresses associated to the Server itself.

N.B.: if you choose to use different NS other than those of Aruba, remember that you need at least two.
Therefore, in the case of Virtual Servers, it is not possible to use other Name Servers which are not those of Aruba, as Virtual Servers only have one associated IP address.

Once you have configured these parameters, click on “Add Record”.

If you switch from the Name Servers of Aruba to other Name Servers you must remember that:
- If the service also includes mail management, this will be blocked on the Mail Servers of Aruba, including the webmail. Any email account and emails they contain will be deleted within 24 hours of the switch;

- If the change of NS concerns .it domains, the competent Authority reserves the right to verify further the configuration of such NS.

ATTENTION: To update the settings of the Records you need to click on “Continue”, and then on “Save configuration”.